Our Story

Imperial Jadeite

Green is the supreme colours of Jadeite, in which the rich vibrant “Imperial Green” colour is regarded as the ‘crème de la crème’. Imperial Jadeite is rare of its perfect species, translucency and colour, and through exquisite craftmanship and design, to achieve the most wonderful jadeite pieces.






Named after “Imperial Jadeite”, our company seeks to find the rarest, most exquisite craftmanship and perfect design of jadeites in the world.  As the third generation inside the jadeite industry, we have strong network, expertise, and good reputation thanks to our predecessors. All our pieces, ranging from daily jewellery pieces to the most exclusive collectors’ pieces, are made from Burmese Grade A Natural Jadeite.  Our classic with a modern twist designs bring jadeite culture into a new era and to the international market, as well as a very good opportunity for people around the world to realize the charm and beauty of jadeites.